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1933 - 1984




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Please bring or send any Worthington High School memorabilia that you, a family member or friend may have and no longer want to the:

WWF Parks and Recreational Authority

214 E Main Street Building A

Worthington, PA 16262



This would include yearbooks, baccalaureate and commencement programs, newsletters, pennants, letters, pictures, anything that has to do with the school.

Classmate names

We are in the process of updating all classmate names to include middle names. Please provide any missing middle names that you know, especially for deceased classmates.

Missing Information for classmates

There is still a large number of classmates for which we have no contact information.  If you can provide any of the missing information it would be greatly appreciated.

http://worthingtonhighschool. org/class.php?mis

Send information to:


Email contact list

If know anyone one who would be interested in receiving updates about classmates and general information about the school please encourage them to add their email address to the list.

http://worthingtonhighschool. org/subscribe2.html


A major project has been to to find obituaries and add them to the website for deceased classmates, which has been quite successful. If you can provide any assistance in finding missing obituaries it would be appreciated.  To read an obituary you will need  to click on the green high-lighted name.  If there are corrections that need to be made or you would like to have additional information included in an obituary please contact:

Barbara Louise Nichol Hollinger
801 Satinwood CT
Chesapeake VA  23322


Not everyone is comfortable with searching the internet or even has a computer, but we are sure they would enjoy seeing what information and photos are available on the school website.  They may even be able to identify some of the missing names for reunion photos.  So if you have the opportunity, please show your family members and friends the website.  If you have any suggestions for improving the website, please send them to:


Email Addresses

Please remember that adding your name to the "Subscribe to Email List" does not add or change your email address on the class list for each year.  In order to change or add your email address on a class list, you need to send that change to 


Reunion Photos

We are attempting to identify all persons in the various class reunion photos for Reunions 1988, 1994 and 2000.  If you are able to name any of those persons now indicated at unidentified please send that information to WWFHS3384@gmail.com.  Corrections are also welcomed.

If you have any photos of previous class reunions or class pictures please send scans and information to 

Colleen Fair Keenan  



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