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A Eulogy to Worthington -West Franklin High School

I sat and looked at you today and my heart grew sad, but
I am one of the lucky ones and this made me oh so glad.

You see, I was enclosed within your walls for all of those twelve years.  It took to make a graduate of me through blood, sweat and tears.

They can keep their great big fancy schools where no one knows each other.  Iím proud you taught me to read and write and treat my classmates like sisters and brothers.

And so come June, to our dismay, they will close your doors forever, but for us who hold you close to our hearts; this bond will never be severed.

No matter what they do to you by renovating your beautiful style.
Those of us who used your halls will look at you and smile.

Your pupils didnít learn everything that you taught, but still there are no fools. We turn to strangers and proudly say: ďThatís where I went to school!!Ē

Good-bye to our dear old Alma-Mater, we are richer for knowing you. Laughter will always ring in your halls and memories held fast by us privileged few.

words by
Laretta Graham

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